22 November, 2009

Falling away from You

Your fiery hands shake at me with a thousand palms
The glimmering yellows dust off their red masks

I am falling away from you in a broad refusal
of everything you glow as a heart

We denied this light
With every deeper and darker turning, twisting.
Now shelves of books are the bricks of our religion
Horizontal stack of smack and tumbling sedatives

The scribblings of memory and dreams
from a world filled with your light
we peered into the concentrations
of your ever-present laughters
The buffalo's form an echo of Word

Autumn cries at the gate of Beulah
and this darkness is a bitter sleep

O Moon, be conception's movement of
the soft music in my hollow mind

For on that day of sun, we are born rising

- G. D. Burns


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