03 December, 2010

Other Paper Works

Two watercolors w/ink created in the year 2008
Jpegs salvaged from a 1999 Toshiba Tecra laptop

26 November, 2010

01 November, 2010

Intuitive Drawing

"A possible map of human potentials"
Ink & colored pencil on paper
Inspired by meetings of the Institute for General Inquiry and John Anthony West's The Serpent in the Sky

07 August, 2010

From the Table of Gift

Gift the First: Cover for Phillip J. Janson's Expressions From My Soul: Self Improvement Thoughts in watercolors, ink and colored pencil

Gift the Second: "Sorrow's Eyelid/Joy's Rays" emanation/radiation piece in watercolors and pencil mounted on wood-carved frame

11 May, 2010

digital dictaphone recordings

stimulating growth
universe as sense-ate being

no is the ion of disorder
no is the ion of denial

the inability to halt the attack of inquiry

- G.D. Burns, late double-aughts


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