01 November, 2011

Meet Geoffrey Hil, People

The first through third lectures of Oxford University's 44th Professor of Poetry, Geoffrey Hill, are available to any poet, critic, student, independent writer, casual audiophile, etc. on Keble College's website. We are all granted a 21st-century event of contemporary literary history & criticism in-the-making; of unequaled importance at the current time. This Englishman, a poet of 80 years whose practice of the craft and thorough readings of the great works written in the English language, shine forth, and he is speaking to us about us by them.. The fourth lecture will be delivered at the end of this month and available, if the previous release patterns indicate future ones, a month afterwards - about New Year's Eve, 2012.

Begin with the "Inaugural Lecture," which Hill delivered in standing-room only attendance despite his being afflicted with laryngitis. There will be a total of 16 lectures during his professorship. If your care for the very substance of language, that its use and the poetics of its use are intertwined with the very way in which our actions do and do not reflect each other, or if you are interested in listening as a challenge, a way of struggling with your misperceptions and graduating from the college of your own America - then download, download, download, upload, headphones, playlist, play.


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