28 July, 2012

Published Poem

The observatory here at Waves of Guide houses but one occupant - a poet. His transmissions have been relayed off and on for the past four years as the ebbing of a relationship and the flowing of diverse friendships outside of the Grand Obsevratory have made diurnal passages. In the first half of this year, the poet was published and formal recognition of the poem, "Your Conscience is the Absent Partner," accompanied congratulations from loved ones and strangers at The Stables in the Southeast Industrial District of Portland, Oregon. The second issue of the literary journal Cavalcade, where the poem was published, is edited by Cutter Williams may be purchased at Powell's City of Books, Beacon Sound Records, Reading Frenzy and Wallace Books in Portland, Domy Books in Austin, Texas and Carmichaels Booksellers in Louisville, Kentucky. As no poet may survive and likewise strive for excellence without some form of support or patronage, the poet asks of the readers to consider the purchase of the journal to add to the collection of their poetry, somewhere between Robert Burns and William Blake. Next transmission: Nostalgic revisiting of Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen prompts a film review of them both, in light of contemporary mythology of the computer age and ancient storytelling forms.


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Portland, OR, United States
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